Battle extra package (EXTREME warfare)

Original price was: 49 990 Ft.Current price is: 35 990 Ft.

Ide írd aki a kupont beváltja!


For Who?

Recommended soldier’s age: 9 years or above

We recommend this package: This package has all you need to have a great time with your friends!

Longer game time, extra ammunition, battle certificate and we will register the winner in our raffle game. We hold the raffle game once a month when you can win the chance to drive a real life size tank or one of our Monster Trucks, and 1 hour mini paintball tank battle what you can share with your friends.

If you really want to surprise your friend or family member on their birthday, or on their stag party or just simply want to see that you have what it takes to have a great battle, then we have put this package together for you. Share the adventure and lets have a great battle!

How to imagine this package: just as in the normal battle package we start with a driving technique lesson then let the BATTLE BEGIN! The goal is to take the opponent groups flag as many times as you can during the battle. The winner group is the one that takes the enemy’s flag the most times. Just as in any battle you can shoot your enemy, then you will need to return to the starting position and the battle continues for the judge’s signal.

If you run out of the starting ammunition (200 bullets), the judge will stop the battle and for your request refills your magazine with a 100 bullets. You get the 100 bullets for a refill for only 1000 HUF (you can pay once the game is over).If you decide not have a refill, you can certainly continue the duel without ammunition until the game time ends.