Minitanks on crosshairs

Dear Visitor!

If you love playing with tank games or paintball and looking for a real brand new unforgettable adventure, you are just at the right place. Take part in the real paintball tank battle with your friends. What we offer is paintball revolution, you will not find this unique game anywhere else in the country. Exciting court, exhaust fume tank driving plus your adrenaline level is over the roof at the same place. An ageless game experience for everyone! Whether you want to try it with your friends or want to gift it to your loved ones you are at the best place!

Krisztián 17 yearsBudapest

It is truly an unforgettable experience! It's like a Word of Tanks game played live. We had a lot of fun.

Andrea 46 yearsSzékesfehérvár

My son and his friends worshiped. The team was very nice. We must be back.

Ferenc 34 yearsSzeged

The order went smoothly as before. I was surprised to have tried Monter Truck again at Gyalt. This is a bit different experience. The technique is very technical and we got drunk. The best thing about it was that I donated the package, but I was also involved in the fight.